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Benchmark NoSQL databases for performance and scale
NoSQL databases come in several flavors: column families (HBase, Cassandra), Document (MongoDB, CouchDB), Key Value Pair (Dynamo, Riak), Graph DB(Noe4j, Titan). It is difficult to decide which system is right for your application, partially because the features differ between systems, and partially because there is not an easy way to compare the performance of one system versus another.

SandStorm is an enterprise performance testing tool for web, mobile and big data applications. It provides a framework for benchmarking NoSQL, Hadoop, and Message queue systems. The current SandStorm release provides out of the box support for the following NoSQL technologies:

1) MongoDB
2) Cassandra
3) HBase
4) OracleNoSQL

How It Works:
SandStorm benchmark utility can generate standard load on the NoSQL cluster and measure the throughput and latency. You can install multiple systems on the same hardware configuration, and run the same workloads against each system. Then you can plot the performance of each system (for example, as latency versus throughput curves) to see when one system does better than another.
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Salient Features

  • Ready-to-use solution. No scripting required.
  • Insightful reports including throughput, latency, monitors etc.
  • Integrated resource monitoring for CPU, memory and other system parameters
  • Customized workloads
  • Support for TPC-H benchmark for query and indexing benchmark